Help Our Cause

Your contributions will help us continue to support Bolton rail users and carry on  the drive for better trains and services.

This website is our main item of expenditure.  We build and maintain it ourselves, but still have to bear the annual cost of the software.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


We are all volunteers

We just want to help Bolton travellers get  a better deal

We keep costs to a minimum

Our officers pay their own expenses

Joining BRUG is free - no subscriptions

We want to keep it that way

We have so far managed to do that because of voluntary donations people have given.

If others, whether or not members, are able and willing to do the same it will help us carry on in the spirit of a true voluntary organisation.


Our annual spend isn't masssive

Apart from  this website, the only other significant cost we have at present is the hire of accommodation to hold the Annual General Meeting

A class 150. the mainstay of Northern services, soon to be refurbished.

Every little helps

Apologies to Tesco for the above, but it is true for us now.

If every member gave just  a few pounds that would make a huge difference.

Our new tunnel at Farnworth - a few weeks before it opened

Don't go away

However if a member is unable or doesn't want to make a donation, that's fine by us.  No subscription, we said.  That was the deal.  

We still want to have you as a member, to represent you and further your interests.

just a minute

That's all it will take

If you feel you want to help, please use the DONATE NOW button above under "HELP OUR CAUSE"  - payment  can be by card or PayPal


You may know, or even  work for, a firm or other business who would themselves like  to support us

If so, please mention the Group to them and suggest they contact us

Friends and Relatives

Do tell them about us if they use Bolton's trains and  want someone to speak for them to ensure that things improve

The more members we have, the stronger our voice can be